Livestream FAQ

We’re excited to partner with Single Music to present all livestreams hosted on our platform, below are a few questions that tend to arise – if we haven’t touched on yours, please reach out to:

How do I view / log in?
Use the email and password created when purchasing your tickets on the store. The stream takes place on the store, and is linked from the ticket page! Only logged in users will be able to see the stream. If you bought multiple tickets on the same account, send us a message with the other viewer’s email address.

It's not showing I have a ticket. What do I do?
Make sure you are logged in with the same email address that you purchased the ticket with. Click to view your account, and make sure there is a record of your order. If your order is not present, you likely used a different email address so you’ll need to log out and back in with the correct address. Most stream pages will only be live ~1 hour before the show. If you still can’t see it, message us your order number and email.
What are the Technical & Browser Requirements:
To watch a livestream event, please ensure you have the following:

System Requirements
 Supported Desktop Browsers
 Supported Mobile Browsers
Internet Connection Requirements
Not Supported
Windows 7 or higher
Google Chrome 45+
Chrome 45+
5-10mbps download speed is recommended
 Roku's {use casting} More Info
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 49+
Safari 10+ (iOS)
Check your connection at
Amazon Silk {use casting for fire stick}
More Info
 Safari 10+
Samsung Smart TV's {use Airplay where available}
More Info 
 Microsoft Edge 15+

For any additional questions, please visit Single Music