Our Mission

We believe in the Power of an Independent Community.

Founded during COVID 19 to support a suffering industry, Merch Tent was established to bring together resources & revenue for those in need, highlighting a unique opportunity to create a Collaborative Marketplace for the Music Community.

More importantly, is the need to do this in a sustainable way - by combining our passion for the Environment, our pursuit for Equality, with our penchant for Artist Development. 

OUR GOAL is to move the Music Industry to create merch using solely Eco-Certified products by 2030, through various programs & initiatives we’re excited to roll out in 2021. In the interim, our first step is to prioritize building a community – that entails welcoming everyone along with their current products & inventory, turning over in time..

It’s a long road ahead to recovering our planet, and we’re incredibly short on time. It’s not our vision to create & promote consumption via our platform - as reduction is truly the way back from all the damage we’ve done – but rather offer a competitive & cleaner path forward.