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choker jewelery
choker jewelery
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Nothing is Impossible: First Edition Bundle

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Only 4 items in stock!

Chloé Caroline wraps up her First Edition Bundle just in time for the holidays! Choose yours from the following options, though keep in mind this is the last of a limited run and in short supply!

T-Shirt + Choker (or) Hat + Debut Album!

Purchases include a free Chloé Caroline sticker. 

Black signature CC mesh baseball snapback hat with Chloé Caroline logo. 

Personally autographed CD of Chloé's debut album Gypsy Daughter, originally made for her pre-order campaign prior to the release of her released full album re-titled Everywhere I Go. LIMITED EDITION. 

Choker Descriptions: 

The Nothing is Impossible jewelry line, each 3 styles were custom designed on brown leather and include signature initials CC tag and Nothing is Impossible tag. Upon placing your order (per availability) you will choose between the Sun Charm Mood Beads choker, Triple Mood Bead choker, or the Swarovski Crystal choker.

Sun Charm Mood Beads Choker- An exclusive design for Chloé Caroline, this multi strand brown leather choker necklace features mood bead that change color with your body heat and a whimsical sun charm pendant. 

Triple Mood Beads Choker- An exclusive design for Chloé Caroline, this brown leather choker necklace features 3 mood beads with silver tube beads. The moon beads change color with your body heat. Approx 11 1/2'' with a 3'' extension chain. 

Swarovski Crystal Choker- An exclusive design for Chloé Caroline, this stunning brown choker necklace features a genuine Swarovski Blue Crystal and silver tube beads. Approx 11 1/2'' with a 3'' extension chain. 


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